Cascais, one of the most famous municipalities in Portugal

Cascais was born as a small fishing village. However, little by little, it became one of the most iconic places in Portugal. Its history is very rich, having been known to have been the place of exile for some monarchies and the meeting place and work of all secret services during World War II.

Despite being a village, it has more population than many cities in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon. Actually, is headquarters to one of the most typical municipalities in Portugal, where it is possible to recognize the integration of cosmopolitan and sophisticated urban areas with others that are more practical and functional.

Cascais is a municipality that offers very different locations, but all of them are excellent, pleasant, quiet, safe and great for living and investing. There are extraordinary dwellings, of all styles and types and with distinct and admirable landscape settings. This region has been, in recent decades, one of the preferred destinations of foreign citizens.

Cascais is the municipality where you can find your dream home.


Location and Transport

Living in Cascais means being 30 minutes from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal.

The connection between the two cities can be made by public transport, namely by rail and also by road, which has two possibilities: the A5 highway and the N6 national road, the magnificent “Marginal” that runs along the coast and it has an extraordinary sea view.

It is perfectly possible to live in Cascais and work in Lisbon.



Cascais offers public and private schools, with a quality education system, as well as Universities for those who wish to enter higher education.

It also has educational establishments that provide training in several languages, in addition to Portuguese.



The municipality has a diversity of historical and heritage elements that are living testimonies that attest the passage of the various peoples that occupied the region over time, such as: monuments, sculptures, bridges, fountains and palaces.

The variety of museums and urban parks open for the benefit of the resident or visiting population is innumerable. There are many old family houses transformed into museums, palaces that belonged to royalty, buildings designed by Pritzer prizes and a Cultural Center with exhibitions throughout the year.

There are countless events that take place constantly, such as: exhibitions of different arts, plays, music parties, gastronomic festivals, sports competitions, nautical events.


Nature and Leisure

The region is full of green spaces and in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park you can take walks outdoors and go through duly marked hiking trails.

It is worth mentioning the superb pedestrian path of Paredão along the coast, areas for cycling, sports such as Golf, awarded the distinction of Golf Destination of the Year (Europe) in 2007 and 2016.

Game and show lovers have the Casino and its stunning gardens. In the municipality there are all kinds of services, commerce, markets and fairs and numerous restaurants, most of them specialists in fresh fish and shellfish.


Climate and Beaches

The Cascais region is full of beaches with crystal clear waters, beautiful landscapes and natural pools.

Guincho beach is one of the best known and most sought after by practitioners of extreme sports such as Surf, Windsurf and Bodyboard.

Cascais has a marina, wide, functional and with a lot of support on land, which allows you to enjoy the sea practically all year round.

The climate is mild throughout the year, as it benefits from the shelter provided by the Sintra’s Mountain.